The Hosts


Nick Platers (Touch Producer)

My name is Nick Platers, I’m a Producer, Sound Engineer and Artist and have been for 11 years now. I’m also a gamer, tech enthusiast and by day, a  Senior Systems Admin. I live in Sydney Australia and run a blog called Touch Producer, a blog about the latest music production news,  apps and  hardware surrounding Apple’s iOS devices. Want to hear my music? Head over to my website or find me on iTunes here. If  you want to  follow me  on Twitter, my account is @RustOfficial.


Greg Pritchard (MiniJack Music)

I’m a musician, blogger and business-guy-for-internet-startups living in Los Angeles by way of Minneapolis (shout out to Prince). Back in 1993 I bought a copy of “Siamese Dream” on cassette, scored a Strat copy and a Crate amp from a sketchy pawn shop, cranked the volume to 11 and never looked back! After many years of playing in hardcore punk bands, somewhere along the way I got turned on to New Order and Kraftwerk and started getting interested in electronic music and technology. These days I make music  in Warrior Line. In March of 2011, I  founded, which covers mobile music gear and apps. You can follow Minijack on Twitter or Facebook.



Sean Walker (iOS Musician)

Hello, my name is Sean, I write a blog called iOS Musician about iPhone/iPad apps and hardware that are used for learning and creating music. I  play the drums, guitar, electric bass, piano, and sing. My favorite  music would be any kind of rock, metal, electronic, experimental, or funk. I plan  on studying computer sience in college to develop my own iOS music apps. I’m a total tech geek who’s always looking at how to  make apps better or  more useful…



Ashley Elsdon (Palm Sounds)

Ashley Elsdon has been writing about mobile music for 5 years covering hardware, software and mobile operating systems. Over this time the mobile  music scene has grown from a tiny niche area to now approaching mainstream. Working with an ever increasing community of musicians,  developers and hardware manufacturers the Palm Sounds blog is now a well established hub for daily news and opinion on all aspects of  mobile music creation.